10-02Advancement Day
10-02Uniformed Leader Mtg.
10-02SPL Meeting
10-02PL Meeting
10-03Troop Meeting
10-04Parents Club
10-06 -> 10-09Cub Pack 645 Pumpkin Patch
10-08 -> 10-09Bike and Hike Weekend
10-08 -> 10-09Bike and Hike Weekend
20 people attending
Register before Oct 05, 2022
10-11Board of Review
8 people attending

Welcome to Lafayette Troop 204

Love the Whitewater Trips!

Welcome to Troop 204 Member Website.  Here we have access to information for each of our major events and our Troop roster.  If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Vanessa Ejercito Kwan, website grand poobah, at webmaster@troop204.com.



BSA Troop # 204